Car Cleaning

How does our Car Drycleaning program work?

Sofas are vital assets of a property as it leaves the first impression upon the guests. Sofas are the main attraction among any kind of infrastructure. Cleaning the upholstery on regular basis is not a feasible task in this cobweb world of busy routine. The sofa sets consists of innumerable dirt particles and loose its shine and aesthetics simultaneously.

We at Gourav Dry Cleaning realise that the sofas are valuable investment and finding a correct cleaning is important. Therefore we have managed a trained and qualified team of cleaners who ensures and inspects all the gaps and spaces are covered and provide a clean and fresh look.

We use a professional method of cleaning the sofa. We take extensive care in selecting the method of sofa cleaning which includes shampooing, scrubing, hot water extraction, encapsulation and vacuuming sofa comprehensively to leave a shining and sparkling product. We carefully select the products for our services. These products are especially designed with the use of innovative technology that ensure great experience all together.

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